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3 Ways to Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety can creep upon us unexpectedly. At one moment we can be calm and composed and in the next moment we become overwhelmed with various emotions as thoughts rush though our head. The question comes how might one cope without drowning in a flood of anxiety? There are in particular 3 steps to cope with anxiety that have been shown to work:

1. Breathe: Take a moment to refocus. Start by breathing in slowly and counting silently 1, 2, 3. Then breathe out and count again. By practicing this technique several times your anxiety will decrease as your mind begins to focus on your breathing instead. 

2. Take a Break: Escape for a short period of time and leave the environment that is igniting the anxiety. Go outside, take a short walk, listen to a song, read an inspirational message, or share with a friend. 

3. Relax: Relaxation activities such as yoga, meditation, or a simple massage can help to calm the body and release various toxins that have built up over time. 10 simple minutes of rejuvenation can fill one’s body and mind with peace and serenity.    



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